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Pursuant to Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (AMSRB@) Rule G‑42, on Duties of Non‑Solicitor Municipal Advisors, Municipal Advisors are required to make certain written disclosures to clients which include, amongst other things, Conflicts of Interest and any Legal or Disciplinary events of JNA Consulting Group, LLC and its associated persons. To access JNA Consulting Group, LLC current disclosure please go to the Disclosure page of this website or click here.

Independent Municipal Advisor

JNA Consulting Group, LLC (“JNA”) was founded with the goal of providing unparalleled personal service and technical expertise to our clients.  JNA is an independent municipal advisory firm which focuses on providing municipal advisory and consulting services to municipal governments.  In addition to traditional advisory work on capital financing transactions, JNA also offers services relating to capital financing models, financing policy development, and other financial related projects.

The professionals at JNA have more than 40 years of experience with a broad array of financings.  Members of the firm have worked on general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, assessment district bonds, redevelopment bonds, industrial development bonds, and certificates of participation.  We have also worked on all types of transactions, including transportation, education, water and sewer, healthcare, and general government financing.

JNA professionals have worked with some of the most active issuers of debt in the country. We have worked with a wide variety of issuers, from a $400,000 financing for a small rural fire district to a $1.0+ billion expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center to a bond bank asset sale for the State of Nevada Treasurer’s Office.  Members of the firm have worked with almost every bond issuing local government in the State of Nevada, including 16 of the 17 school districts in Nevada.

Over the course of our careers, we have advised on more than 500 bond issues, exceeding $15 billion in total. We have also worked on more than 20 bond or tax override election questions.  Specific descriptions of our experience are contained herein.